Technology takeovers feed into China Cold War alarms

The China-UK cold war:-

The cold war is generally a geopolitical tension between countries, and it may involve two or more countries directly or indirectly. Nowadays, China and UK are observing cold war, which alarmed surrounding states also. It directly influences the economy of both countries, resulting in decreased import and export legislation across the country. Now this time, both countries are arguing related to their technology as China announced to make a complete boycott of UK manufactured technology instruments. Then the UK also announced to ban China made gadgets in their country. This war started forty-five years ago, when the US and Soviet Union challenged technology and economy concerns of both superpowers. In a result, the UK also participated in this cold war.

Plannings of UK government:-

The UK government made all safety measure to face influences of cold war with China. But the experts declared that the UK is a lit bit late in taking necessary steps, which will show its adverse impacts on security issues. While on the other hand, the UK has banned the entry of every new foreigner from China to their grounds.

Security measures of china:-

China is gradually improving its economy still in this epidemic of coronavirus. It shows excellent development of china economy, when they are buying high-technology companies all over the world. They are moving to a more stable technology grid, which will enhance the chances of their winning.

Now when all the countries of the world are facing a crisis due to the crucial situation of the pandemic, the vast strategy of china cannot be neglected at this time.

Now it is up to the UK that how he can stop Chinese authorities from buying high-technology companies as these companies are strengthening the economy of China day by day.

Taking control of different companies:-

Canyon Bridge Partners is a private firm situated in the Cayman Islands. They bought the famous technology company of Hertfordshire named “Imagination Technologies” in 2017. This company produces chip designs used in iPhones manufacturing. The most important fact is that China provided 99 per cent of the budget to buy this company. And this company is now working under the supervision of Beijing-China Reforms. Now, this great economic company is deciding to improve the economy of China Reform that is directly connected to the state of Beijing.

The former CEO of this company interviewed with BBC Radio and warned the authorities that the company might transfer its base to China soon, as ownership of the company is now in the hands of China.

Moreover, the Chairperson of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Tom Tugendhat, also raised this issue in the cabinet that China is directly involved in the purchase of this company. It will result in a decreased economy of our country. He said, “it is the gradual transfer of valuable technology from the UK to China, it will impact our economy badly.”

While on the other side, the present CEO of the company denied this statement and told that China has not involvement in purchase or working of the company. The decision of purchasing of this company was purely made on a commercial basis, not on a political basis.

Now the company induced many reform in its operations. Some experts believed that it might cause environmental changes in UK like air pollution.

 World is changed:-

World is being changed rapidly as flagship technologies are sold continuously to foreigner, mainly Chinese. A journalist asked a question to authorities that Is the UK ready for destroying its commercial values? Mr. Hossein replied with yes node in that conference.

The Royal United Services Institute revealed that many edge technologies are shifted to China, while our government is sleeping as they have no idea about these. Writers at cheap dissertation writing UK also showed their same perception for many edge technologies. Elisabeth Braw of this institute stated that The UK government is too late to have acknowledged about this issue. If the government thinks it is an excellent step to improve globalization, then we should surely welcome the foreign investors to destroy our economy.

“China, at this time of crisis, is using globalization for its own goals and gradually causing improvement of its economy among the whole world. But no one can raise these issues in Parliament”, the statement disclosed by a journalist in technology news.

The government of the UK passed a new bill in May, to improve the assets of technology on its grounds. As in December, the Queen dictated authorities to takeover essential reforms in technology companies.

The Prime Minister of the UK, Mr Boris Johnson addresses a lecture to the parliamentarians on the issue or purchase of UK technology companies by foreign investors. He promised to take revolutionary steps for the betterment of technology industry.

But on the other side, China introduced many valuable reforms in its technology world. They launched a new operating system for Huawei Mobile Phones, including the 5G network technology while the UK is still taking measures to launch 5G network in its devices.

The UK implied restrictions on Germany to buy any technology from China, but Germany purchased robotics technology from China recently. Now, the UK is looking to focus secretly on the business deals that are made from China in the worldwide. The security centre will work to find out the real investors and backdoor owners of each company which is being sold to any proposal.

Now the US government has also become active on the sale and purchase of technology companies. They warned every CEO of the company to restrict selling ownership without investigation.

Advantages of this strategy:-

The US claimed that China is using personal data of its civilians; it may influence them in any aspect as the online dating site “Grindr” was sold to China some days ago. The US started to take safety measures for national security and warned its nation to not to use that site.

They have now arranged a list of companies which are a threat to national security just as defence companies in the countries. They implied restrictions on these companies and banned to sell these without investigation of the security centre. The US authorities think that China is purchasing their websites and companies to collect national database, which is a vital threat to the security of our country.