Don’t Make These 5 Common Interior Design Mistakes!

Have you made big blunders while getting on with the interior designs of your home? It happens almost with everyone when they begin the journey of perfecting their home. There are plentiful things that need to be worked upon while curating a beautiful dream home. What most people mistake is to realize that interior design requires a very clever and proficient outlook.

Sometimes, our eyes are enticed to a particular interior item, but this doesn’t mean that it will be apt for your space. Interior designing aspects like shades, cohesion, harmony, and scale are important for getting the precise tune. Villa interior designers of Delhi have mastered the art of fixing such problems for their clients. Here is how you can avoid these common mistakes in interior design.


Check your budget before shopping: Most of us are so much convinced by the idea of designing our home, that we end up making impulsive purchases. Sadly, this is something that can ruin the entire project. If you don’t establish and allocate a proper budget, you will end by buying items that you may not require, and there will be no money left for the project’s completion.

Do a bit of homework like preparing a list of things you need, taking proper measurements of your house, seeing the estimated price of the items, etc. Once you are done with a robust planning stick to the parameters and then proceed to the purchase the things.

Matching everything in your home: Many often, people feel that matching everything in the home can establish a theme. This is something that needs to be reassessed so that you create an interesting decor of your house. While certain elements can be repeated to reflect a theme, other things like state-of-art furniture and accessories can be incorporated sensibly.

Never be in a rush to purchase something that doesn’t fit the statement of the house. Select those elements that represent your individuality and perspectives. This can make your home unique and different from others.

Too many decor pieces: You have learned that “too many cooks spoil the broth,” and this goes with interior designing as well. A collection of too many decor pieces in the house makes your space cluttered and disorganized. It will even consume additional time for cleaning and maintenance of the home.

There is no need to make your space look like a jumbled up store. Instead, curate the decor items carefully that will sparkle the joy of manifesting a world-class museum.

Hindering the traffic flow: It can be very frustrating to bump into furniture or accessories while moving around the house. Outline your floor plan to get an optimal traffic flow with the existing and new furniture.

There will be a complete transformation of your space with the rearrangement of the furniture to promote circulation and maximize traffic flow. The best way to do this is to mark a centre point at an entryway and find a suitable pathway until the next entryway.

Do the scaling properly: Scaling is a very crucial aspect in designing the space of your house. When you enter a home, it should never have the furniture and accessories of the same levels and heights.

Get a proper measurement of your house before finalizing anything for your interiors. It is equally important to verify whether any piece of furniture or accessory is under or over-sized for your space. A combination of variable heights and adequate sizing will help in achieving a perfect balance in your decor.

Are you worried about your dream house project and want to avoid these common mistakes? Then consult a home interior designer in Delhi to create the best possible look for your home project.