Long-term car rental and its benefits

Car rental, which was considered expensive and complex in the past, is now becoming the top choice among customers to meet their transportation needs. Whether you want to go on a trip with your friends or simply want to enjoy a long drive with your family, you can opt for car rental services.

Short term car rentals are popular. However, long-term car rentals are gradually attracting customers. Many people have started to consider long-term car rentals in place of purchasing a car of their own.

So, let’s discover the benefits of long-term car rentals:

Benefits of car rental

You don’t lose any money in depreciation

Depreciation is the decrease in value of an asset over time. When you buy a car, you start losing money from the moment you drive off from the car dealer. A vehicle will lose 20% of its value in the first year, while the second year brings a depreciation of around 25%.

This means, if you have bought a car for 20,000$, you are going to lose 4,000$ in the first year. Moreover, you also spend money on car maintenance and fuel.

When you rent from a car rental agency, you are not going to lose any money in depreciation since you don’t own the car. For instance, if you have rented a car for 6 months, you already know how much money you are paying for it, there is no uncertainty. At the end of the day, it is the car rental agency that is bearing the depreciation cost.

Hit a different throttle every month

Driving the same vehicle for years can be boring, especially when you are a car enthusiast. When you buy a car, you cannot replace it with another one until you are ready to lose tons of money. When you go for long-term car rentals, you have this flexibility of switching after a few months.

You can drive exciting cars. Check out the state-of-the-art features of new cars. You can even rent a luxurious car. Owning a luxury car is expensive but you can rent it for a month to know how it feels like driving your dream car.

You can check out different vehicles, from SUVs and sedans to minivans and pickup trucks. The car rental companies keep the contract flexible and give you the liability of switching vehicles every few months.

You can even rent an SUV to explore the off-road. Full-size and mid-size SUVs come with a four-wheel drive system that allows you to drive in rugged terrains without losing grip. Whether you want to hit a desert or crawl through large rocks, a 4×4 SUV will satisfy your adventure cravings.

Roadside assistance and 24/7 customer care

When you have your own car, you can face any breakdown or mechanical failure on your way to the destination. When you opt for car rental services, the chance of getting your car stalled is extremely low due to the reason that car rental companies have new models in pristine condition. So, it is unlikely that you are going to see a breakdown.

However, even if you do experience a mechanical failure, you can get quick help by calling the helpline of the company. They will send immediate assistance to rescue you. If the fault is minor, the car will be repaired right away, while the problem is bigger, you will get a new car.

Car rental companies also have round-the-clock customer care service. You can contact them if you feel any inconvenience or face any problems. Even if you want to know anything regarding the contract, you can call them.

No maintenance cost and worries

When you own a car, you also have to bear the cost of ownership. The annual cost of maintenance of an economical sedan like Toyota Corolla is around 400$. The time that goes into taking the car to the mechanic is another nuisance. When you opt for long-term car rental, you escape the worries of maintenance and other repairs. If you are taking the services of monthly car rental from a credible company, they will even leave the car back at your doorstep